The benefits of wood vinegar

Wood vinegar is a 100% organic and harmless product and in general has several characteristics that can be a suitable and cost-effective alternative for fertilizers and chemical toxins. This product is a rich, high-density organic liquid with reasonable commercial economic costs that fits the existing supply chain and farm infrastructure.

This product is a source of organic and sustainable nutrition that its consumption, both in the short and long term, increases the quality of plants and the quality of agricultural products. Also, consumption of wood vinegar as an additive in animal feed increases the quantity and quality of livestock production and also promotes animal health.

Given that wood vinegar is considered a versatile product in the field of organic agriculture and animal husbandry, we examine the benefits of each category of wood vinegar consumption separately.

Organic fertilizer and natural booster:

  • Strengthens roots, branches, stems and leaves,
  • Improves the color, taste, firmness and durability of fruits,
  • Increases sugar in the product (fruit sweetness),
  • Increases root absorption,
  • Stimulates plant growth,
  • Reduces water requirement (plant resistance to dehydration)
  • Increases plant resistance to special and unexpected conditions,
  • Accelerates seed germination,
  • Reduces the need for fertilizer and increases the speed of fertilizer effectiveness,
  • Increases plant resistance to various diseases,
  • Increases beneficial microbes for plant growth and health.
effect of wood vinegar
Effect of wood vinegar

Organic toxin and natural pesticide:

  • Eliminates of various pests,
  • Protects the plant against fungal, bacterial and viral diseases,
  • Repels all kinds of insects from the plant and also repels household insects, including flies,
  • Eliminates of tubular worms (used at the foot of the plant)
  • Prevents root rot.

Regulator and booster of soil quality:

  • Increases soil fertility
  • Increases the rate of soil enrichment by fertilizer
  • Reduces fertilizer requirements by up to 50% due to maximum soil fertilizer use
  • Eliminates the bad smell of animal manure and facilitate the composting process

Animal feed additive:

  • Improves the taste and increases the quality of meat and lowers cholesterol,
  • Adjusts the bacterial level of the digestive tract of animals to better absorb nutrients from feed,
  • Increases livestock’s fertility,
  • Increases livestock’s milk

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